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New houses:

Sometimes the existing house on a block is too old or for different reasons it is not worth keeping. By knocking down the existing property you have the opportunity to design and build your house from scratch the way you like it. TM architecture can design and document a new house according to your needs and taste whether you want a modern sleek or a traditional house.

Alterations & Additions:

Adding an extension to a house can include a wide range of works. It can be as simple as adding a deck or garage to the existing house or more complicated like increasing the layout of the house on the ground floor or adding a second storey together with reconfiguring the existing layout of the house. Either way we can help you achieve a design that adds space and comfort to your house and at the same time improves the appearance of the whole house into one harmonious building.


Breathing new life into an old home, with thoughtful design and a properly considered choice of materials can be very rewarding. From custom designed bathrooms and kitchens to making layout reconfigurations, we can help your house find a new feel and look with the appropriate design according to your budget.

TM Architecture gives you a thorough understanding of the potential of your house and what you can do with an affordable budget.

There may be options that you have not thought of and we can guide you through the design process to achieve the best solution considering your needs and budget.


  • New homes, alterations, additions & renovations
  • Innovative designs appropriate to your budget
  • Developing required drawings and documents up to construction stage
  • Providing all supportive documents for lodgement of a Council Development Application, Complying Development Application or Construction Certificate
  • Introducing specialist consultants and builders
  • 3D presentation & realistic renders of new designs

Tarsa Moayed


Tarsa Moayed is a registered architect and the director of TM Architecture. She has been practicing architecture since 1999. Her experience in design and construction is extensive and includes residential and commercial architecture. Before starting her own practice, Tarsa worked for some of the biggest names in the Australian architecture industry such as Hassell and BatesSmart. Since 2013 she has focused on the residential buildings including renovations, extensions and new builds.